Catrin Morris

Catrin Morris is working in the field she loves most (decorating) in the city she loves most (Washington, DC).

….But she took a rather circuitous route to get here.

Born in England to Australian/Welsh parents, Catrin was raised in DC; went to McGill University in Canada; and spent several years living in Australia.

Her career trajectory is almost as varied as her collection of passports.

After more than a decade in healthcare research, writing and consulting at the Advisory Board company and other firms, Catrin was finally able to indulge her true passion – decorating and design – when she was hired as a blogger for the national decor website Apartment Therapy. The job was essentially a crash course in decorating. She lived and breathed decorating, traversing a range of aesthetic styles, local and world wide shopping resources, and decorating tips and strategies. She has also written extensively on best practices for decluttering and organizing in the home.

But just writing about decor was not enough.

Catrin joined Art & Design Partners in 2012, bringing with her an uncanny ability to find anything – and everything –  from unique pieces hiding in obscure antique shops to the hottest trends at the best to-the-trade resources.

Catrin lives in Woodley Park with her husband and two young daughters.